Vague Beginnings

Published July 16, 2014 by Loulou Harrington

The beginning is always frightening. Where will this go? How will it sound? How will it look? And does it really matter, because, most of all, will anyone ever see it?

I am a writer of books. I once wrote for a major publisher where I created the manuscript and they did the editing, the publishing, the marketing, pretty everything else, while I started on the next book without giving the rest of it much thought.

There are still a few writers who do that, but the numbers are diminishing. For better or for worse, there are more and more writers who are choosing the more direct route of the ebook. Whether they are self-published or use an ePublisher, the writer now bears most of the burden of editing, proofing, and marketing, as well as creating. And with this, they are truly taking their own fate into their hands.

I am now beginning this journey myself. Knowing next to nothing about social media or marketing, I am a writer in search of readers, and I’m not sure how I will find them, or they will find me. I believe in myself as a novelist, but that is only part of success in this new world of publishing. And as for the rest, I am only beginning.

Come journey with me and maybe we can learn together, if only what not to do and how not to do it. New beginnings can be frightening and frustrating, but without risk there is no success. And I believe in success.


One comment on “Vague Beginnings

  • Thank you for your transparency and your willingness to share your journey! I look forward to following you as you take on these new challenges. We can all learn from each other even if our paths may be somewhat different. Thanks again for sharing!


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