Published October 22, 2014 by Loulou Harrington

Base of Eiffel Tower at Midnight

Base of Eiffel Tower at Midnight

I began posting blogs on this site just before embarking on several lengthy trips, confident that I would continue to blog while traveling, even outside the country. After all, there are Starbucks and McDonald’s everywhere, and don’t all hotels have WiFi available now?

So, in case you haven’t jumped to the punch line already, I was wrong. There are familiar fast food/coffee places available, but they’re not everywhere. And I discovered that foreign hotels frequently provide free WiFi in their lobby area, but not in their rooms. Which makes blogging possible, but not easy or convenient.

Having spent some time outside U.S. borders, I knew I would need an international package for phone calls and texts. But I was hoping to avoid one for data. Wrong again. Next time I’ll get the data package, too.

Each phone carrier has its own version, and international charges are not worth risking. (The accidental download of eight emails before I could get my data turned off again cost more than $100. The beginning data package is around $30, and would allow you a reasonable amount of usage. Well worth having.)

I would suggest doing the time-consuming, formative part of your blog on a notepad, or somewhere offline. Maybe from a park bench while your friends are taking pictures of statues and hand feeding sea gulls by a fountain. Short notes or pictures posted to Facebook and Twitter are quick ways to stay in touch, especially when you’re too busy even to think about a post.

Because, let’s face it, when you’re someplace like Paris, where the sidewalk cafés are still hopping at 10:00 pm, the Eiffel Tower is still lit up and rocking at 2:00 am, and the tour boats along the Seine are just shutting down for the night, are you going to be sitting in a hotel room working on a blog? I don’t think so. I know I wasn’t.

So try to be prepared. Remember to keep track of your data usage, and log on to free time when you can. Then, relax and have fun! Travel is for learning, living, and creating the memories you’ll want to write about later. After all, isn’t that what blogging is really about? Sharing with others?


One comment on “BLOGGING ON THE RUN

  • Yes!! It is so difficult to write and travel at the same time. I’ve just recently gotten into blogging, but have travelled to almost 20 countries. Just waiting till I get home to write about my adventures, for now – just live them!


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